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But, no, I guess I’ll be going to New York a lot.” Does she want to go to university? Did Steve Fanning, a one-time minor league baseball player, and Joy Fanning, a former tennis pro, push their daughters into the limelight once their sporting careers had run their course? “It wasn’t what they expected us to be doing at all,” says Fanning.“Because they have no acting genes, none of our family really does, so no one expected this to happen.“It’s going to be so sad when she leaves,” says Fanning.“We share a bathroom right now, our rooms are right next to each other. I keep threatening her that I’m going to turn her room into a games room. Both my parents went to college too.” You may by now be wondering about these Fanning parents, and how they managed to breed this pair of acting prodigies.

“Now I sort of realise what it’s all about,” says Fanning, “but it’s always still fun.When Fanning first arrives on set, her confidence sometimes wavers for a moment. Steven Spielberg, one of Super 8’s producers, wasn’t so scary: “I’d met him before, because my sister did War of the Worlds [which Spielberg directed], and she’s really good friends with him.She was 12 when she did War of the Worlds and I was 12 when I did Super 8, so I think that’s neat.” I guess it says something about the aspirations of teenage girls that she was more intimidated by Sofia Coppola than by Spielberg: “I feel like the time before I met her, when I actually just heard her name and I didn’t know how she was going to be, was the most, like, nerve-racking feeling. ’ Because you want her to like you so bad.” Earlier this year Fanning attended the Met Ball, the most star-studded event on New York’s social calendar, and was most thrilled to see Alexa Chung, Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine) and Beyoncé. “When I go out there’s not many people that are like, ‘wow’,” she says. Willowy, bright-blonde and golden-skinned, she’s a luminous film star – actually, the best of her generation, an Oscar-winner in the making – a muse to fashion designers and first pick for the school volleyball team.This summer, when she stars in Super 8, JJ Abrams’s Seventies-set juggernaut of a family film, she’s going to become really famous.

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